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Winthrop House is a practical response to the emptiness of modern culture, stripped of meaning by consumerism and individualism, and threatened by overreaching government and loss of virtue.


To counter these cultural pressures, we live in community, work together for mutual support, foster economic resiliency, and raise our families in beauty and virtue.  We are not a commune, and not a cult, but we are more than a mere neighborhood, church group, support group, or business partners.  We are actively pursuing a model of life that strikes a balance between natural family independence and sacrificing some of our modern autonomy to be stronger together.


We are a burgeoning community of entrepreneurs, farmers, artists and intellectuals.  We see the home not merely as a parking spot, but as a vibrant cell of culture, interacting with fellow households in a productive, collaborative economy that embraces the whole family.  Children are loved and welcomed, and we seek to reunite household and economy for family unity.  With the support of the village, our fathers need not commute an hour away to work.  Our mothers need not live isolated lives at home.  Our children see us at work, and learn from their elders through everyday experience.  


As we hone our model for community and business collaboration, we hope to inspire and equip others to form similar communities.  A strong nation and culture depend on the strength of the communities that comprise it.  American culture was built on the strength of communities such as the Puritan followers of John Winthrop, who sought to build “A city on a hill.”  We endeavor to be a beacon of hope in a world that is all too eager to jettison the best of our American heritage.


We share our communal life with friends and neighbors through common prayer, cultural activities, and work.  We welcome visitors, and offer educational and cultural programming and events that have direct application for those who are likewise looking to build families, businesses, and communities.  


Please view the pages on this site to learn more, or become involved.  Winthrop House is a qualified 501c3, and we gratefully accept tax deductible donations.  Donations are not used for cost of living, but support our programming, and our ability to develop and replicate our community model throughout the country.


To build and propagate a Christian community model of mutual family support, economic resiliency, and cultural beauty.


Where we see families at the economic mercy of corporations, we envision a community of entrepreneurs, providing each other mutual support in their respective endeavors.  


Where we see families isolated and lonely, we envision a life filled with neighbors who share fundamental values and a common cultural life.


Where we see a culture of rampant consumption, we envision a community of productive families, working collaboratively to produce and enjoy the things of life.


Where we see urban sprawl, we seek to repopulate the countryside and revive the family farm.


Where we see a failing educational system, we seek to teach our children at home to think for themselves, and recognize the good, the true and the beautiful.


Where we see governmental overreach, we safeguard basic human liberties, especially freedom of religion, speech and assembly.


Where we see cookie-cutter homes and soulless household goods churned from factories, we seek to create households of beauty, and a renewal in the practical arts.


Where we see aging church congregations and declining religious vocations, we seek to make Christianty relevant to society once again.

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